Terms used in official statistics

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Operating costs


Costs connected with dwelling stock maintenance and business premises.

Operating costs are naturally connected to the maintenance of a real estate thus are linked with usage of an object (in case of statistics - residential or business premises). During existence of an estate different means of operation are present. Thus, there are different definitions of costs. For the purpose of statistics the costs are classified as: - administration costs that are divided into: - administration salaries with benefits (without caretakers' pay), - office upkeep, postal charges, bank charges, communication costs, court costs, - material costs, maintenance of equipment, stationery costs, - maintenance of administration premises - other administration costs, - maintenance and renovation costs connected with: - running repairs and major renovations, - damage repairs, - technical inspection, - running inspections and maintenance of installations and devices, - renovation of greenery, - repairs of pavements between buildings, - costs of buying of external services linked with maintenance and renovation of dwelling stocks, - costs of renovation and maintenance of common compartments, - rates and other charges, i.e. property taxes, charges for perpetual usufruct of land, - other costs not included in any mentioned above category, - flat rated charges for gas supplied to dwellings with no gas-meters, - charges for community antennae, - costs of maintaining of cleanliness including buying of external services (including pays of caretakers, cleaners and gardeners), - costs of buying cleaning means, tools and other materials, - disinfection and pest control costs, - costs of maintenance of greenery (excluding costs of renovation of greenery if they are included in maintenance and renovation costs), - costs of electricity, hot and cold water, central heating, and gas used in common compartments and costs of wastewater discharging or liquid waste removal, collection of municipal waste from that compartments.

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