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Costs of dwelling stock maintenance


Costs borne for dwelling stock maintenance and business premises i.e. operating costs and costs of provided services.

The purposeful consumption of tangible and current assets, external services, employees remuneration and other payments, e.g. taxes related to maintaining housing and utility resources in a given reporting period, expressed according to values. Costs of dwelling stock maintenance consists of: operating costs and costs of provided services.

Costs borne by either by a real estate owner or a resident (a tenant) are contained in a rent payment (municipal units, the State Treasury units, Public Building Societies, and other units), an operational payment (concerns housing cooperatives) and advance payments for administration costs (concern housing condominiums). A rent payment covers among other things a property tax, administration costs, maintenance costs, costs of technical maintenance of a building, maintenance of greenery, maintenance of all common compartments, and payments for maintaining of cleanliness, electricity and heating. An operational payment covers among other things costs of maintenance of cleanliness, maintenance of common compartments (used electricity, gas, cold and hot water, central heating, wastewater discharging or liquid waste removal and collection of municipal waste and the like), administration costs, maintenance and renovation costs, and rates and other charges. Advance payments for administration costs cover: renovations and running repairs expenses, electricity, heating, gas and water charges (concerning common compartments), community antenna charges, lift charges, insurance, taxes and other charges unless they are covered directly by the owners of dwellings, cleanliness maintenance expenses, and administration salaries.

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