Non-profit organizations during the COVID-19 epidemic (March – August 2020)

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In March 2020, in connection with the dissemination of an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, referred to as COVID-19, Poland declared an epidemiological threat, followed by the state of an epidemic. From March to August 2020, 14.1% of non-profit organizations undertook additional activity due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Most frequently, they included social services (63.3%) or material support (40.7%). During this period, the organizations provided a total of PLN 383.3 million in the form of tangible and financial support.

Due to the developing epidemic of COVID-19, non-profit organizations were asked additional questions regarding their involvement in mitigating the effects of the epidemic. Among the organizations that submitted an appropriate report, 14.1% declared undertaking additional activity for the benefit of recipients due to the COVID-19 epidemic.