Household projection for the years 2016-2050

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Date of publication: 25.08.2016

The Central Statistical Office presents the household projection 2016-2050 for Poland and voivodships, in a breakdown by rural and urban areas. The household projection is based on data concerning households gathered during national population and housing censuses in 2002 and 2011. Assumptions related to the number and structure of population in the years 2016-2050 are derived from The Population Projection 2014-2050. The presented results stem from predictions about the future shape of demographic, social and economic processes in Poland. The detailed results of the projection are presented in the tabular annex (Annex 3). Since publication of the Population projection 2014-2050 the significant changes took place in the family policy in Poland. The most important of them is introducing the Family 500+ programme. Therefore, the Central Statistical Office prepared a demographic projection which is a simulation of the results of the programme. The results of this simulation are presented in Annex 4.