The concept of the international migration statistics system in Poland

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The paper presents the general description of the international migration statistics system in Poland. It has been assumed that migration statistics should provide information on both migration flows and migration stocks. Considering the informational needs on national and international migration as well as the present capabilities of official statistical surveys in Poland a system of international migration statistics is based on three types of data sources: administrative systems, statistical surveys and foreign data sources. Special attention has been paid on the estimates as a result of assessment procedures. In recent years the Polish statistics has undertaken successive activities aimed at improving the international migration statistics system, such as: enlargement of the scope of utilising the existing non-statistical sources of data, improvement of current surveys, searching for new data sources, expansion and intensification of international co-operation, broader application of the results of scientific studies outside official statistics, intensification of collaboration with central institutions – ministries and entities interested in information concerning migration and responsible for migration policies, improvement of the method of estimating migration data.