Cooperation between self-government units and inhabitants in 2022

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At the end of 2022, 320 gminas (i.e., 12.9% of all in Poland) allocated a sum in the gmina’s budget for the participatory budget. In gminas with a population exceeding 50,000 residents, 85.6% had a participatory budget.

Citizen activity and engagement in decision-making processes related to residents are becoming increasingly common in local government units. Residents are not limited to participating only in local elections but actively participate in local matters that affect their lives by engaging in social consultations or making decisions regarding the implementation of projects funded by the participatory budget or the village fund. An important goal of social consultations is to develop solutions that assist gmina’s authorities in making optimal public decisions that take into account the positions of the local community. During social consultations, gmina’s authorities can present their proposals for legal acts, investment planning, and initiatives that will impact the lives of residents. They also receive suggestions for changes from residents, allowing for better planning of future actions.