Supply and use tables in 2013

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Date of publication: 31.03.2017
Date modified: 07.02.2018
Frequency of publication: annual edition

The supply and use tables form an integral part of the National Accounts System, covered by the SNA/ESA methodology. The tables play an extremely important role, providing a detailed database for analysing the supply and use of goods and services, and provides grounds for developing the remaining accounts. They present the supply, for the economy as a whole and for selected groups of goods and services, based on domestic production and imports, as well as its use for intermediate consumption, private and collective consumption, gross outlays on fixed assets, an increase in the current tangible assets and exports.


Changes in supply and use tables were introduced 07-02-2018 due to reclassification of further public entities into the general government sector and in allocation of imports of second-hand cars from European Union.