Input - output table at basic prices in 2010

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Date of publication: 29.07.2014
Frequency of publication: edited every 5 years

This publication, which includes input-output tables at basic prices, together with supply and use tables (see: Supply and Use Tables in 2010, CSO - Warsaw, June 2014), create input-output system.The surveys constitute an integral part of activities taken by CSO (Central Statistical Office - Poland) for the purpose of presentation of the national accounts system consistent with SNA’ 93 (System of National Accounts) and ESA’95 (European System of Accounts).

The current study presents information about all resources of Polish economy coming from domestic production and imports and use of these resources for the intermediate consumption, final consumption expenditure by households, non-profit institutions and government, gross fixed capital formation, changes in inventories, valuables and exports purposes in 2010.

The publication includes as follows:
- general methodological assumption of input-output tables,
- input-output table at basic prices in 2010 in aggregation 77 x 77 divisions,
- input-output table at basic prices for domestic output in 2010 in aggregation 77 x 77 divisions,
- use table of imported goods and services in 2010 in aggregation 77 x 77 divisions.

By: goods and services according to divisions of PKWiU [the Polish Classifi cation of Goods and Services].