Housing economy in Poland in 2017

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As of the end of 2017 14.4 mln dwellings was noticed (increase by 1.2% compared to the end of 2016) with the total useful floor area of 1068.6 thous m2 and the number of rooms of 55.2 mln.

Dwelling stocks

As of 31 December 2017, dwelling stocks in Poland amounted to 14.4 mln of dwelling with the total useful floor area of 1068.6 mln m2, with 55.2 mln rooms. Compared to the year before it were 167.8 thous. more dwellings (an increase of 1.2%) with the total useful floor area of 15 305.7 thous. m2 (an increase of 1.5%) and 647.3 thous. rooms (an increase of 1.2%).

Approximately 9.7 mln dwellings with the area of 628.9 mln m2 and 34.7 mln rooms were located in urban areas. Almost 4.7 mln dwellings with the useful floor area of 439.6 mln m2 and 20.5 mln rooms was located in rural areas. In urban areas the number of dwellings increased by 120.2 thous. (by 1.2%), while in rural areas the increase amounted to 47.6 thous. (by 1.0%).