The situation of households in 2022 on the basis of results of the Household Budget Survey

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In 2022 the financial situation of households, despite the increase in the average monthly available income, in real terms it worsened, which results from a high level of inflation. Households achieved both higher income and expenditure. The level of average monthly available income per capita in 2022 rounded to 1 PLN, amounted to PLN 2250 and was higher by 11.4% in nominal terms, but lower by 2.6% in real terms than the income in 2021. The average monthly expenditure per capita in households in 2022 amounted to PLN 1475 and was higher by 15.2% in nominal terms, and by 0.7% in real terms than expenditure in 2021. Expenditure on consumer goods and services amounted to PLN 1420 and was higher by 14.9% in nominal terms, and by 0.4% in real terms in comparison with 2021.[1] After a 2-year period of an exceptionally low share of expenditure in available income, it increased from 63.4% in 2021 to 65.6% in 2022, but it still remains at a level significantly below the value from 2019.


[1] Due to the introduction of a new classification of individual consumption by purpose in 2013, based on harmonized COICOP classification for all surveys of the European Statistical System, the results for 2010–2022 are presented in comparable conditions – each “expenditure” item from 2010–2012 was supplemented by the “life-insurance contributions” item.