Quality of life and social capital in Poland. Results of the Social Cohesion Survey 2018

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Date of publication: 30.07.2020
Frequency of publication: semi-annual edition

In the publication results of the third edition of the Social Cohesion Survey are presented.

The multidimensional character of the survey allows for a broad and comprehensive look at various aspects of the quality of life and social capital in Poland. This approach makes it possible both to diagnose particular areas of social well-being and to identify interdependencies between them. This survey is also an important source of information about subjective well-being as well as perception of various social phenomena.

  • Topics analysed in the particular chapters of the publication:
  • in chapter 1 – territorial diversification of the material situation and social perception of poverty and income inequality,
  • in chapter 2 -  perception of family policy in Poland, including opinions on the most expected instruments of family support,
  • in chapter 3 - selected elements of quality of life at the local level,
  • in chapter 4 – use of the Internet,
  • in chapter 5 – religiosity,
  • in chapter 6 - various dimensions of social capital (social organization based, family-based and friends- and neighbours-based), as well as hierarchy of values, the degree of social justification to behaviors considered reprehensible, trust in people and institutions,
  • in chapter 7 - social perception of discrimination,
  • in chapter 8 - multidimensional analysis of the subjective well-being,
  • in chapter 9 - the methodology and organisation of Social Cohesion Survey,

The publication ends with an annex which contains data on many important dimensions of quality of life and social capital at the voivodship level, presented in the form of cartograms and charts.