Methodological report Structure of wages and salaries by occupations

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Date of publication: 07.10.2020

Within the scope of this methodological report there are presented methodological-organisational principles regarding the survey on structure of wages and salaries by occupations, which shows the organisational status up to 2020.
The survey on the structure of wages and salaries by occupations is one of the surveys carried out by the Statistics Poland through establishments. It should be indicated that this survey is the only one multidimensional survey on earnings in Poland allowing the analysis on the differentiation of the level of gross earnings (average monthly and hourly ones) and their structure by the characteristics of employed persons, such as sex, age, level of education, work seniority, performed occupation, and the characteristics of establishments being working place of these persons, i.a.: voivodship of the establishment premises, ownership sector, kind of activity and the size of units by the number of employed persons. The survey results allow a description of the structure of employment by the above mentioned characteristics. On the basis of the survey results, there are compiled distributions of the employed by the amount of gross earnings, as well as basic measures of gross earnings differentiation.