Results of LFS concerning households from years 2010-2015 according to new methodology

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The tables present the structures of households including the labour market status of the households members, calculated on the basis of the Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Since the first quarter of 2016, the weights for households in the LFS have been  compiled in accordance with the  Eurostat methodology on the basis of the final weights previously attributed to the members of the surveyed households/respondents. In case when only some persons in a household participated in the survey then a zero final weight is  attributed to other members of such household. The final weight for a household comprises the mean value  of the weights of the household members including persons with zero final weight. The final weight is attributed to the person who is the household head, while the estimate of the number of households in a given quarter is calculated by adding such weights for all household heads. More detailed explanations regarding the LFS methodology may be found on the CSO website:,2,20.html

In order to allow time comparisons, a recalculation of data for the previous periods has been done, therefore the attached tables present the results for the period between the first quarter of 2010 and the fourth quarter of 2015.