Working conditions in 2013

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Date of publication: 22.05.2014

The presented publication has been prepared on the basis of the results of the survey on working conditions. The issue of working conditions is very important from the point of view of the health of the whole society, as well as for implementation the employers’ obligations to ensure appropriate working conditions, in accordance with obligatory standards. The survey on working condition aims an assessment and monitoring of the changes in the range of hazards related to workplace, connected to working environment, strenuousness of work and hazards related to mechanical factors and the number of persons receiving compensations due to work in harmful conditions and accidents at work. The survey results provide a basis for adopting preventive actions and carry out appropriate policy in order to improve working conditions. The objective of the publication is presentation of the figures together with presentation of methodological principles and a short analysis on the obtained data. It contains data regarding employment in hazardous conditions related to harmful and hazardous to health factors, elimination or limitation these hazards, occupational risk assessment, benefits for work in harmful and burdensome conditions and benefits for accidents at work and occupational diseases

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