Activity of enterprises having foregin entities in 2022

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At the end of 2022, 1 970 enterprises in Poland (an increase as compared to 2021 by 3.7%) declared involvement in 4 503 foreign entities (an increase by 6.1% comparing to 2021) in the form of shares, branches or in other forms. Majority of foreign entities were located in Germany, Czechia, Ukraine and the United States of America.

Engagement in foreign entities at the end of 2022 was confirmed by 1 970 surveyed enterprises (in 2021 – 1 900). In the surveyed population of enterprises located in Poland and having foreign entities dominated micro and small enterprises, i.e. with the number of persons employed below 50 people at the end of the year (43.7% of all enterprises), medium-sized enterprises (from 50 to 249 persons employed) accounted for 30.2% and large enterprises (250 and more persons employed) – 26.1%.

In 2022, enterprises belonging to enterprise groups (1 695 entities) accounted for 86.0% of the total of surveyed enterprises having foreign entities.