Participation in culture in 2019

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Date of publication: 28.01.2021
Frequency of publication: edited every 5 years

This publication was prepared on the basis of the results of the modular household survey on the participation of population in culture in 2019, conducted by Statistics Poland. The results of this study show how Poles perceive culture and its importance in life and, for the first time in this type of research, what they think about the importance of cultivating tradition and their interest in history. Moreover, the presented analysis shows the condition and manner of participation in culture as well as household habits and opinions on the cultural offer in the place of residence and the use of free time. The publication also presents household expenditure on culture, evaluation of financial possibilities related to satisfying cultural needs and equipping households with cultural goods. The publication is supplemented by a tabular part presenting data on participation in culture in various sections.

By: age, sex, education, place of residence (macro-region, urban-rural areas), type of household.