Result estimate of the main agricultural and horticultural crops in 2023

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The results of a result estimation for the main agricultural and horticultural crops in 2023 are as follows:

  • the harvest of total cereals will be around 0.5% more than last year's and will amount to around 35.8 million tonnes,
  • production of basic cereals with cereal mixtures is estimated at 26.5 million tonnes, i.e.  about 2% less than last year's harvest,
  • the harvest of rape and turnip rape is estimated at about 3.7 million tonnes, i.e. about 3% more than last year's harvest,
  • potato harvest (including production in kitchen gardens) is estimated at around 5.6 million tonnes, i.e. about 7% less than the harvest obtained last year,
  • the sugar beet harvest is estimated at about 16.0 million tonnes, i.e. about 13% more than the harvest obtained in 2022,
  • the production of field vegetables is estimated at over 3.8 million tonnes, i.e. approximately 3% less compared to the previous year,
  • the tree fruit harvest amounted to approx. 4.4 million tonnes, i.e. nearly 9% less than last year's production,
  • the fruit harvest from fruit bushes and berry plantations is estimated at almost 0.6 million tonnes, i.e. about 6% less than the harvest in 2022.