Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 2014

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Statistics in Transition - new series

From the Editor

Call for Papers

On the Use of Sampling Weights and Sample Distribution when Estimating Regression Models under Informative Sampling

Effective Rotation Patterns for Median Estimation in Successive Sampling

Some Chain-type Exponential Estimators of Population Mean in Two-Phase Sampling

Methods of Reducing Dimension for Functional Data

Multiobjective Optimization of Financing Household Goals with Multiple Investment Programs

Income Inequality and Income Stratification in Poland

Selected Tests Comparing the Accuracy of Inflation Rate Forecasts Constructed by Different Methods

Tests for Connection Between Clustering of Polish Counties and Province Structure

On Certain A-Optimal Biased Spring Balance Weighing Designs

Conference Report: Coherence Policy and the Development of Cross-border Areas Along the European Union’s External Border
27-28 June 2014, Krasiczyn-Arlamow, Poland