Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2015

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Statistics in Transition 16_1 2015

From the Editor

First online publication: 29 June 2015

About the Authors

First online publication: 29 June 2015

Joint Calibration Estimator for dual frame surveys

Mahmoud A. Elkasabi, Steven G. Heeringa, James M. Lepkowski
Submitted: 10 March 2015
First online publication (accepted): 17 June 2015

Some classes of modified ratio type estimators in sample surveys

Swain A. K. P. C. , Das M.
Submitted: 12 June 2013
First online publication (accepted): 18 March 2015

Improved separate ratio and product exponential type estimators in the case of post-stratification

Lone H. A., Tailor R.
Submitted: 26 October 2013
First online publication (accepted): 22 June 2015

Policy-oriented inference and the analyst-client cooperation. An example from small-area statistics

Longford N. T.
Submitted: 16 October 2014
First online publication (accepted): 15 April 2015

Application of Box-Jenkins method and Artificial Neural Network procedure for time series forecasting of prices

Singh A., Mishra G. C.
Submitted: 31 August 2013
First online publication (accepted): 29 May 2015

Classification problems based on regression models for multi-dimensional functional data

Górecki T., Krzyśko M., Wołyński W.
Submitted: 25 November 2014
First online publication (accepted): 18 March 2015

Stochastic goals in financial planning for a two-person household

Pietrzyk R., Rokita P.
Submitted: 17 December 2014
First online publication (accepted): 11 June 2015

Robust regression in monthly business survey

Dehnel G.
Submitted: 17 Decemberr 2014
First online publication (accepted): 13 May 2015