How to order data

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Information is disseminated through:

  • direct customer service, and telephone and electronic means in:

    Statistical Information Centre
    Statistics Poland building, section A, ground floor,
    Monday - Friday 8.00 - 16.00

    From March 2020 until further notice, the information centre for data users provides only telephone and correspondence services.

    Information is provided on statistical data presented in, among others:

    • communiqués and announcements of the President of the Statistics Poland,
    • "Current information - preliminary results",
    • Statistical Bulletin
    • publications of the Statistics Poland and statistical offices,
    • basic classifications (general information) - PCN, PKWiU, PKD,
    • nomenclature and definitions used in public statistics,
    • Local Data Bank (voivodship, subregion, powiat, city and gmina data),
    • foreign trade databases,
    • register of nationalised industries units - REGON,
    • register of administrative division - TERYT.
  • processing of orders in writing, by:

    Education and Communication Department
    00-925 Warsaw, Aleja Niepodległości 208
    tel.: (48 22) 608 31 12,

    Statistical data request form

    Orders for:
    • unpublished statistical data from Statistics Poland data bases,
    • address data from KRUPGN (Regon) register,
    • extended range of the TERYT register – SIMC, BREC and NOBC systems.

In accordance with Official Statistics Act of 29th June, 1995 (Journ. of Law  2016, position 1068, with amendments), Statistics Poland guarantees:

  • indiscriminatory,
  • equal
  • simultaneous access to statistical data for all users.

All data collected during surveys conducted in accordance with programme of statistical surveys of official statistics are official public statistics data, regardless of conducting body. All units conducting surveys in scope of public statistics law apply mandatory classification standards and submit survey results to the official statistical services and, acting in consultation with Statistics Poland, international organizations.

The data collected and stored by the state administration bodies and units of local authorities, other governmental agencies, organs maintaining official registers and the National Bank of Poland, on the basis of other regulations than Official Statistics Act, are data of information systems of the public administration, and are not considered public statistics data.

The collected and gathered in the statistical surveys of official statistics individual and personal data shall be confidential and subject to particular protection.
The term of individual and personal data shall be understood as:

personal data - data about natural persons concerning their life and status. Always refer to specific person (art. 5 § 1),

individual data - data about business entities, legal entities and entities without legal status and their activities. Always refer to specific entity (art. 5 § 1).

  • The individual and personal data shall be used exclusively for statistical calculations, compilations and analyses, and by statistical services in preparation of statistical surveys.
  • Providing or use of individual and personal data for other than specified above purposes is prohibited (statistical confidentiality, art. 10 of Official Statistics Act of 29th June, 1995).
  • Use of individual and personal data for other than specified purposes is prohibited and carries a penalty of up to 3 years of imprisonment.
  • Use of individual and personal data to obtain material or personal gains carries a penalty of up to 5 years of imprisonment.

The individual and personal data is subject to particular protection - it cannot be used for any other purpose, including, but not limited to: decisions relating to concerned entities, confronting the data with tax documentation, negotiations with employees, etc. The data cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings and investigations conducted by police or public prosecutor.

Aggregated data shall not be published or disseminated if it could be linked to or can identify natural persons or business entities.  This means that data characterising economic activity of business entities cannot be disseminated, if the aggregated data consist of less than three entities or the share of one entity in the compilation is higher than the three-fourths of the total.

Scope and form of disseminated statistical information is specified in programme of statistical surveys of official statistics passed by the Council of Ministers each year.

Aggregations of statistical data not included in the programme of statistical surveys of official statistics may be conducted (under statistical confidentiality) at individual requests (observing statistical confidentiality), on a commission.

Rules of executing orders for unidentifiable individual data for scientific purposes

Unidentifiable individual data sets are disseminated by Statistics Poland for a payment for scientific purposes to universities and other higher education establishments and to scientific institutes conducting research.

Dissemination covers data on social statistics and censuses. In accordance with Law of 29th June 1995 on public statistics, statistical data obtained in statistical surveys that can be linked and identified as data concerning a specific natural person, as well as information and statistical data characterising economic and financial results of national economy entities conducting economic activity, may not be published nor made available if the given aggregation consists of fewer than three entities or the share of one entity in a given compilation is greater than three-fourths of the whole.

In Statistics Poland, Programming, Coordination of Statistical Surveys and Registers Department is responsible for dissemination of unidentifiable individual data for scientific purposes.

Applications for dissemination of data should be sent on the official letterhead of the applicant institution to:

  • e-mail address of secretariat of the department:
  • or by ordinary mail to the address: Statistics Poland (GUS), Programming, Coordination of Statistical Surveys and Registers Department,
    al. Niepodległości 208, 00-925 Warsaw, Poland.

The application must contain specification of statistical datasets from which data will be disseminated for scientific purposes and determination of the research purposes for which the use of unidentifiable individual data is necessary. Additionally, the condition for data dissemination is commitment of the applicant research centre to use the obtained unidentifiable individual data solely for implementation of the tasks resulting from research purposes, as stipulated in the application and not to share them in the form of unidentifiable individual data with any third party. When publishing analyses, articles or studies, the applicant is obligated to state the source of the data used for scientific purposes.

The application made by an institution is subject to examination of feasibility by author entities conducting research. Then, the research centre will be notified on the purchase cost of the data ordered. In the case of accepting the cost by the applicant, a contract will be signed by and between Statistics Poland and the research unit, which shall state the terms and conditions for dissemination, obligation of scientists using the data and measures for ensuring statistical data confidentiality.

Finalisation of the order shall be conducted following signing of the contract and making the payment to GUS bank account. The datasets prepared for the ordering party shall be verified for disclosure of any confidential data. The reviewed sets are transferred to the ordering party on an electronic storage device (CD) or through the TransGUS platform – a safe communication and information channel designed to transmit data in electronic form.

Social statistics and census data are made available on the Scientist Workstand, an IT environment dedicated to in-depth, specialised analyses conducted by scientific and research institutions or universities. The Scientist Workstand is located in the building of Statistics Poland or a regional statistical office (currently the Statistical Office in Łódź). The possibility of using the Scientist Workstand is specified in a contract concluded by a research/scientific entity with a given unit of official statistics. Once the contract is concluded, the institution using the Scientist Workstand is supplied with all necessary technical instructions and provided with any substantive and IT-related support.