Success of Polish statistics in the Open Data Inventory ranking

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Success of Polish statistics in the Open Data Inventory ranking

According to the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) ranking, assessing the coverage and openness of statistics produced by national statistical systems as published on the official website of the national statistical office, Statistics Poland moved up to the 2nd position among 187 national statistical offices around the world!

The excellent result of Polish official statistics (the total index was 85 points and was only lower than that obtained by Singapore) was due to partial results. We received 81 points for the coverage of the thematic scope of the published data, while for the level of openness of data - 89 points. Data availability and the level of their openness in economic statistics were rated the highest - 93 points. In the area of ​​data on the environment, we obtained 86 points, and in the field of statistics on social issues - 78 points.

ODIN operates within the ODW (Open Data Watch), an international non-profit non-governmental organization operating at the interface between open data and official statistics. This organisation measures the impact of statistics on society and the economy, shares knowledge, builds partnerships, and offers strategic advice and practical assistance to governments, international organisations and NGOs.

As part of the cyclical review, the ODW assesses the scope and openness of data on the websites of national statistical offices. It refers to accessibility on websites and in socio-economic and environmental databases. It also assesses, among others, openness of the formats used, metadata availability and the possibility of computer reading of the data.

Detailed information on Poland's result is available at: statistics as a leader in opening statistical data.