On 9-10 November 2018, at Statistics Poland a hackathon took place, which aimed at popularising sustainable development objectives and SDGs statistics and, as a result, inspiring young people to act on their behalf.

During the event, international teams created prototypes of interactive web applications, targeted to young people and promoting the idea of sustainable development, while using SDGs statistics.

After 24 hours of extensive team work and stormy deliberations, the jury selected the best prototypes of the application. Three teams of developers were awarded prizes of PLN 15,000 for the first place, PLN 10,000 for the second place and PLN 5,000 for the third place.

The "Statistical Technical Girls" team which presented the game "El Presidente", visually and linguistically appealing to the young generation, emerged as a winner. According to the creators, a game as a form of web application is relevant to the youth of the current era. Through their product, the winners of the hackathon want to make the players aware that our local decisions affect the functioning of the entire world, and each of us is important for the future of the planet.

The winners, during the presentation of their product, whose protagonist is a mascot of statistics - the character of GUStaw, said that the 4 most important things on which they based the game were: the educational values about SDGs in Poland, the usage of innovation and gamification elements, the high quality design (attractive interface and interesting narrative) and the opportunities for development thanks to infinitely many game scenarios.

The second place was taken by the "Infiniteam" team, also presenting a game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a person responsible for conducting the sustainable development policy. The third place went to "SKN ESTYMATOR" team. Their personalised application, which collects data for user, was created entirely in R language, primarily for state institutions, business and students.

All information about hackathon is available at: kodujsdg.stat.gov.pl