API to the Knowledge Databases

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The effect of works on improving the accessibility of statistical data is the API to the Knowledge Databases (DBW API link). Its dissemination increases the level of openness of statistical data and the possibility of their re-use.

The API (Application Programming Interface) is a method of communication between systems or applications that facilitates automatic searching and downloading of data. Due to the fact that data can be easily imported into your own IT environment, the efficiency of their processing and creation of e.g. analyses and visualizations is significantly improved.

DBW API enriches the current catalog of Statistics Poland products with this interface (REGON API, TERYT API, BDL API, SDG API, STRATEG API), which are available on the api.stat.gov.pl portal.

Data are published in a long time series, at a detailed level of the classification division and grouped into 31 thematic areas from various areas of socio-economic life and the environment. The DBW API is the first result of the project, under which in the second quarter of this year a modernized DBW website will be also launched. The new DBW website will have a friendly, intuitive interface and will support the user's work thanks to easy access to metadata. The scope of the presented data will be consistent with that made available through the API, i.e. richer than the current DBW.

Works on the API DBW were carried out as part of the Open Data Plus Partnership Project, co-financed from the Digital Poland Operational Program.