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Sale of construction and assembly production


The value of sold construction and assembly works performed using own resources (without subcontractors) for outside clients. This value is expressed in actual sales prices - taking into account all discounts, rebates and deductions - excluding value added tax (VAT). Construction and assembly works include activity consisting in construction of buildings and structures, starting from site preparation, through various scope earthworks, foundation works (zero state), constructing load bearing elements, building partitions, construction and covering of roofs (raw state), ending with assembly, installation and completion work.

The following groups of works can be distinguished with respect to technical character:

1. site preparation, i.e.: the demolition and wrecking of buildings and otherstructures, the clearing of building sites, earth moving works, drainage of construction sites, demolition-clean up work conducted for obtaining recyclable materials, test drilling and boring for the purpose of site surveying before initiating actual construction work;
2. building of complete construction or parts thereof; civil engineering, i.e.: general construction in residential and non-residential buildings, industrial and storage structures, the assembly of constructions from prefabricated elements, but not self-manufactured, the construction of civil engineering works, the erection of roof coverings, the installation of gutters and water drainage pipes, the painting of roofs, waterproofing (hydro-insulation works); the construction of: highways, streets, squares, roads and railways as well as other transportation routes for vehicles and pedestrians, the construction of water projects, sports and recreational installations; work requiring the use of specialised equipment (pit and mining works: the boring of shafts, ventilation shafts, shaft bottom stalls and other pit and mining structures; the building of foundations under machinery and equipment, the driving of piles and posts into the ground, the assembly and welding of steel structures, the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, water well drilling);4. building completion, e.g.: plastering interiors and exteriors of buildings and structures; stucco work, the installation of construction joinery elements, the erection of temporary constructions on building sites, the completion of wooden wall coverings, the laying of floor and wall tiles, parquet and other wooden wall and floor coverings, floor coverings and linoleum, the covering of walls and floors, the interior and exterior painting of buildings, the painting of civil engineering structures including the painting of signs on roads and in parking lots, the installation of windows, the installation of glass elements in buildings as well as other finishing works (cleaning the external walls of buildings by sanding, steaming and similar methods, installing decorative metal elements in buildings and structures).

All categories of this activity include relevant works related to building, rebuilding, extensions, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of permanent and temporary building objects; construction and assembly production also includes works related to demolition, disassembly and tearing down of building objects. Due to the above character of works, construction and assembly production is divided into investment building works and repair building works and other.

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