Terms used in official statistics

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Sale of construction works with a restoration character and other works

Sale of works denoted as "Sale of construction and assembly production", including: a) restoration - construction work consisting in the regeneration (restoration) of the original or almost original condition (technical and utility value), exceeding the scope of routine conservation work of existing building constructions: buildings and structures, the construction of facilities for boilers, permanently installed technical machinery and equipment (e.g. industrial furnaces, heat exchange apparatus, ceramic core columns, foundations under machinery and equipment, ground reservoirs), without, however, causing changes in the structure or in the utility of these constructions as well as the disassembly and re-assembly of boilers and permanently installed machinery and equipment; including: b) other works: - periodic work in order to maintain a building construction (a building, structure, boilers, permanently installed technical machinery and equipment) and its environment in an appropriate technical condition, including the elimination of causes and effects of damage to prevent the premature destruction of a construction or its elements and equipment, - demolition-clean up work conducted in order to obtain recyclable materials, - work within the scope of building and demolishing temporary building site facilities.

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