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Infant mortality rate


The ratio of infant deaths in a given period to the number of live births in that period – expressed in ‰ (i.e. per 1000 population).

Up to 1993 infant deaths rates were calculated in accordance with the principle of Raths. They have made the ratio of the number of infant deaths in a given year to the corresponding proportions of the live births in the given year (at) and in the previous year (at–1). By the end of 1984: - for an annual rate at = 0.75 and at–1 = 0.25; for half-year rate at=0,60, at-1= 0,40. In 1985-1993 - for an annual rate at = 0.85 and at–1 = 0.15; for half-year rate at=0,80, at-1= 0,20.

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