Terms used in official statistics

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Infant deaths rate

Description of the concept that applied to: 31.12.2017

The ratio of infant deaths during the period to the number of live births during that period.

Up to 1993 infant deaths rates were calculated in accordance with the principle of Raths. They have made the ratio of the number of infant deaths in a given year to the corresponding proportions of the live births in the given year (at) and in the previous year (at–1). By the end of 1984: - for an annual rate at = 0.75 and at–1 = 0.25; for half-year rate at=0,60, at-1= 0,40. In 1985-1993 - for an annual rate at = 0.85 and at–1 = 0.15; for half-year rate at=0,80, at-1= 0,20.