Terms used in official statistics

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The income of household benefitting from social assistance


The sum of monthly net income (after deduction of income tax advances, taxes on property income and social security and health insurance premiums) from the month preceding the submission of the application, or in the case of loss of income, from the month in which the application was submitted, regardless of the title and source of income, unless the Act provides otherwise. Income is not included, among others: a one-time cash social benefit, benefit for bringing up a child, and the value of benefits in kind. Income is reduced by the amount of maintenance provided to other people (based on Article. 8 paragraph 3 of the Act of 12 March 2004 on social assistance).

  • Act of 12 March 2004 on Social Assistance
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2023. r. poz. 901)

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