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Manufactured production


The result (effect) of mutually interrelated and conditioned production processes, generated in a defined period.

Manufactured production includes the total amount of finished products manufactured within the reporting period, made from both own raw materials and from raw materials provided by another enterprise or a natural person, and the total amount of semi-finished products, parts and subassemblies of machines and equipment, irrespective of whether they were designed for sale outside the enterprise, to the parent company, to other plants of the same enterprise or designed for further processing (assembly) in the enterprise. Manufactured production includes products manufactured by the enterprise which comply with specific standards, and in case of lack of standards - with technical specifications or with terms and conditions of contract concluded between contractor and client, and irrespective of whether they were produced from original raw material (i.e. the raw material designed for manufacturing main products) or from secondary raw material (i.e. raw material obtained as waste in manufacturing main products and designed for production of other products). Products made from secondary raw materials are included in manufactured production if they have utility character and are a direct result of manufacturing activity of the enterprise. In addition to the above, manufactured production includes by-products generated in manufacturing process along with the main product, e.g. treacle in sugar production, spirit from sulphite- waste liquor in cellulose production, coke oven gas in coke production; and also products obtained during start-up phase of investment.

The following items are not included in manufactured production:

- rejected products, i.e. products which do not have full utility value (ascertained deviations from standards in force; in case of absence of standards - from technical specifications or terms and conditions of contract concluded between contractor and client); such products, provided they were not brought to compliance with standards, technical specifications or terms and conditions of contract, are not deemed manufactured production even in case they were sold (sale is registered as sale of materials);

- deficient products, i.e. products whose utility value is lower than the value set by quality requirements, by marketing demands or by product designation - e.g. products manufactured in violation of standards in force, technical documentation or formulae, which results in quality lower than the quality specified in documentation for the lowest quality class; items damaged or incomplete in the way which makes their designated use impossible;

- waste, i.e. remainder of raw material, created in the production process as its unintended result;

- client-provided raw material - both in the enterprise which commissions the production and in the enterprise which manufactures products from this raw material.

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