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Land under waters


Land under internal marine waters and surface flowing and standing waters.

1. Land under internal marine waters, including:

a) the part of Nowe Warpno Lake and the part of the Szczecin Lagoon gather with the Świna and the Dziwna and the Kamień Lagoon, situated east the State frontier between the Republic of Poland and Germany, and the river Odra between the Szczecin Lagoon and the waters of the port of Szczecin,

b) the part of the Bay of Gdańsk closed by the baseline of the territorial sea,

c) the part of the Vistula Lagoon located southwest of the state border between the Republic of Poland and the Russian Federation in this Lagoon,

d) port waters defined on the seaward side by a line joining the outermost permanent harbour works which form an integral part of the harbour system,

e) the waters located between the sea shoreline (determined in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 20 July 2017 - Water Law) and the baseline of the territorial sea.

2. Land under flowing surface water

Land under flowing surface water includes land covered by inland water flowing in:

a) natural watercourses and sources from which these watercourses take their origin,

b) lakes and other natural water reservoirs with a continuous or periodic natural inflow or outflow of surface waters,

c) artificial water reservoirs located on flowing waters,

d) canals.

3. Land under standing surface waters

The land under standing surface waters includes the land covered by inland standing waters in lakes and other natural waterbodies not directly, naturally, related to inland flowing surface waters.

  • Regulation of the Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Technology of 27 July 2021 on land and building records
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2024 r. poz. 219)

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