Terms used in official statistics

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Producer price indices for business services


Indices are calculated on the basis of a quarterly survey on prices of services representatives rendered by purposively selected economic entities in which the number of employees amounts to 10 and more persons, with primary or secondary activity in the field of business services classified in selected classes of sections J, L, M and N by the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD). The observation covers producer prices of selected services rendered in the country and outside the country to enterprises or persons representing the enterprise, public institutions as well as individual consumers. Price indices at the economic entity level are calculated as geometric means of price indices for representative items. Price indices for higher aggregation levels are calculated with the use of the Laspeyres formula i.e. as weighted averages of price indices for aggregates at lower aggregation levels. The weighting system for calculation of the aggregated price indices is based on the turnover generated in the base year and it is changed once every five years.

Starting from data for the first quarter 2021, price indices of business services are calculated using a weighting system based on turnover in 2021.

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