Terms used in official statistics

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Poultry - total

Total poultry aged 2 weeks and above include: chicken-poultry-of the Gallus gallus species (broilers, hens and roosters for slaughter, laying hens for production of eggs for consumption, laying hens for production of hatching eggs); turkeys - of the Meleagris spp. species i.e. female of turkey hens and turkey chicks (including turkey broilers), geese - of the Anser anser species i.e., female of geese, ganders and geese chicks (including goose broilers); ducks - of the Anas spp. and Cairina moschata species, i.e., female of ducks, drakes, ducklings (including duck's broilers); other poultry, e.g., guinea fowls (Numida meleagris dom.), quails (Coturnix spp.), ostriches (Struthio camelus), peacocks (Pavo), swans (Cygnus) and others. It excludes, however, birds raised in confinement for hunting purposes and not for meat production.

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