Innovation Activities in the Service Sector in Poland in 2001-2003 - Highlights

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Date of publication: 09.06.2006
Publication presents the results from the second Polish survey on innovation in the service sector carried out by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) on the basis of CIS-3 questionnaire (id est questionnaire used in the 3rd round of the Community Innovation Survey covering enterprises in the EEA Member States). First survey on innovation in the service sector in Poland took place in 2000 and referred to the period 1997-1999.

The publication is the fifth work on innovation activities in Polish economy issued recently by GUS. The previous ones released in 1994, 1998 and 2002 were devoted to the problems of innovation in industry (mining, manufacturing and utilities sectors) while the publication released in 2001 – to the problems of innovation in the service sector.

In the modern economy innovation is assumed to play a very important role. Promoting innovation is now a high priority in most developed countries.

A necessary tool for the development of new policy measures to promote innovation are innovation surveys.

In order to meet an increasing demand for data on innovation, the Central Statistical Office of Poland continues efforts to develop and improve the innovation monitoring system.

It is worth mentioning that innovation surveys in Poland have a very long and rich tradition going back to the 1960s.
At present, the innovation monitoring system in Poland consists of two parts:

  • concise, yearly surveys on innovation in industry (mining, manufacturing and utilities sectors), covering selected basic variables of innovation activities such as expenditure on innovation, sales of innovative products, co-operation in innovation and
  • comprehensive, periodic surveys on innovation in industry and in the service sector (wholesale trade and commission trade; transport, storage and communication; financial intermediation; computer and related activities; research and development; architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy; technical testing and analysis) in line with the EU/EFTA Community Innovation Survey, carried out every few year and covering a broader range of questions concerning different important aspects of innovation activities (sources of information for innovation, effects of innovation, obstacles to innovation, etc.).

Data presented in the publication are broken down by economic activity (according to the NACE Rev. 1 categories), firm size, sector and type of ownership (public and private; domestic and foreign) and by region (voivodship).

The publication has been prepared by the Science & Technology Statistics Section team in the GUS Economic Statistics Division.

By: voivodship, class of enterprises size, ownership sector and form, kind of activity.