Methodological report Vital statistic. Balances of population

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Date of publication: 18.01.2019
Frequency of publication: published every 4 years

We provide the Readers with Methodological Report on surveys concerning vital statistics and population balances. It presents information describing the current course of surveys, their methodology and organization, as well as a short historical background including the post-war period.

The Report contains information concerning:

  • five unit, current surveys on vital statistics: births, newly contracted marriages, adjudicated divorces and separations and deaths. Information on all the demographic events are collected on the basis of administrative sources
  • systems and registers;
  • secondary survey, i.e. balancing population number and structure, study of which utilizes results of individual surveys on vital statistics and migration.

Additionally, the Report was complemented with a supplement presenting methodology and organization of demographic surveys in 1918-1939 - in the first two decades of functioning of Statistics Poland. Methodological Report was developed in the Demographic Surveys Department by the Population Statistics and Analysis Section. We hope that the manner of presentation of methodology of the current demographic surveys will receive your positive reception. We are looking forward to any comments and suggestions of change, which will help in further improvement of the surveys conducted and adjustment of their thematic scope to your needs.