Resident population projection for Poland 2023-2060

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The starting point of the projection is the resident population on 31st December 2022.  The assumptions for fertility, mortality and migration are consistent with the main scenario of projection published in August 2023 (which was based on national definition of population).

Resident population of Poland will amount to 32.9 million people in 2060. Compared to the number in 2022, it means a decrease in the population by 4.8 million, i.e. by 12.7%. In addition to the negative natural increase, further unfavorable changes in the population structure by age and a decrease in the number of women of reproductive age will be observed. Persons aged 65 and more will constitute approximately 30% of the population and their number will increase by 2.5 million compared to 2022. On the other hand, women of reproductive age in 2060 will constitute only 71% of the number in 2022.