Height of persons aged 0-14 years

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Statistical concepts and definitions:
A deficiency in stature is diagnosed when the child's body height is below 10 percentile.
Additional methodological notes:
Data are obtained as part of the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS), repeated every 5-6 years. The results of the survey present the health situation of the Union's residents and its conditions in connection with the demographic and social characteristics and place of residence. The latest survey, carried out in 2014, was covered by EU legal regulation - for the first time all member countries were required to implement it, in accordance with Eurostat guidelines. The results are representative at the country level and for selected information - also at the voivodship level. The study was conducted by direct interview.
Frequency of data release: every 5-6 years
Type of observation period: yearly data
Available time series: 2009, 2014 
Data source, datadisposer: European Health Interview Survey – EHIS,
Available data formats: xlsx, csv