Atlas of Environment

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Date of publication: 20.10.2021

"Atlas of Environment" is the first graphic study illustrating the state and threats to the environment in Poland, in European countries, and in other countries of the world. The publication responds to the growing demand for statistical spatial information on environmental issues and it is an easy-to-read source of information about the state of the environment in various territorial cross-sections.

Thematically it refers to two publications issued annually by the Statistics Poland in the Statistical Analyses series: "Environment" and "Economic Aspects of Environmental Protection", as well as to the Statistical Yearbook of Forestry.

The source of the data used in the publication are the information resources of official statistics, both from the reports of the Statistics Poland and from the information systems of external administrators. To illustrate the phenomena in international comparisons, the databases of Eurostat, OECD, FAO, World Bank and the United Nations were used. The data presentation period covers the last available year as well as a multi-year retrospection.

The data contained in individual chapters of the „Atlas of Environment” concern: the natural conditions of Poland and the use of land and soil, water management, pollution and protection of air, radiation, waste management, nature and biodiversity protection and forestry, economic aspects of environmental protection. The last chapter presents environmental indicators monitoring the goals of sustainable development in Poland compared to other EU countries.