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13.12.2021 - The publication "The development of the social economy in 2019. The results of pilot studies" presents the results of experimental research conducted by Statistics Poland as part of the project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, "Integrated Monitoring System...
06.08.2020 - The application of modern methods of satellite image processing for the purposes of agricultural statistics is one of the innovative activities carried out by public statistics. For many years now, the Department of Agriculture Statistics Poland and the Statistical Office in Olsztyn...
Methodology of international trade in services by enterprise characteristics (STEC) compilation
Experimental statistics / Economy. Entrepreneurship. Public finance
06.08.2020 - Foreign trade, understood as balance of income flow between residents and non-residents, constitutes, apart from consumption, investments and state expenditure for the purchase of goods, part of the gross national product (GNP). Compiling data on this phenomenon in a more comprehensive manner...
Methodology of decomposition in KLEMS productivity accounts for the Polish economy
Experimental statistics / KLEMS Economic Productivity Accounts
15.11.2019 - The Department of Macroeconomic Studies and Finance of Statistics Poland, within the so called „experimental statistics”, carries out studies to implement KLEMS economic productivity accounts in the Polish conditions. These accounts are based on the neoclassical concept of economic growth...
Extension of the Labour Force Survey
Experimental statistics / Human capital
25.02.2019 - Extension of the Labour Force Survey...