Results of the application of satellite remote sensing methods for the development of a preliminary estimate of the main agricultural and horticultural crops

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The application of modern methods of satellite image processing for the purposes of agricultural statistics is one of the innovative activities carried out by public statistics.

For many years now, the Department of Agriculture Statistics Poland and the Statistical Office in Olsztyn (specialization: agriculture) have been conducting studies on the application of satellite imagery for the purposes of forecasting agricultural and horticultural crop areas. The studies were conducted in cooperation with scientific entities, i.e. the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN) as well as the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK).
Scientific entities have proper scientific facilities and IT infrastructure for the download and analysis of satellite images, while Statistics Poland has provided field materials in the form of a description of the crops on agricultural parcels (survey type: in-situ) for the validation of the obtained results.  A project entitled  "Satellite identification and monitoring of crops for the purposes of agricultural statistics – SATMIROL" is being carried out within the framework of the above works, as part of the 1st competition for open projects within the framework of the strategic programme of scientific research and development works, entitled: "Social and Economic Development of Poland in the Conditions of Globalizing Market – GOSPOSTRATEG". The aim of the research and development project is the creation and implementation of an innovative system for the identification and monitoring of agricultural crops. The monitoring will also cover the impact of crisis situations (droughts, floods, frosts, etc.) on the condition of agricultural crops during the vegetation period. The project constitutes a continuation of the activities carried out by Statistics Poland (GUS) and SRC, aimed at applying satellite data in agricultural research.