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Regional development of Poland - analytical report 2022
Regional Statistics / Publications and studies / Aggregated Studies
27.04.2023 - An analytical publication on the regional development of Poland (third edition), is prepared for the purposes of monitoring the National Strategy for Regional Development 2030. It covers the diagnosis of phenomena related to the monitoring of environmental threats, demographic processes,...
Maritime economy in Poland in 2022
Topics / Transport and communications / Transport
27.04.2023 - Over the year, cargo traffic and the number of ship arrivals at Polish seaports increased. On the other hand the passenger traffic in seaports drecreased. The volume of international carriages of cargo by Polish operators decreased whereas the passenger carriages grew and passengers increased. As...
Characteristics of border areas in Poland. Entities of the national economy in 2021
Topics / Economic Activities, Finances / Structural changes of groups of entities of the national economy
19.04.2022 - As of the end of December 2021, 806.3 thousand entities of the national economy located in the border areas in Poland were entered in the REGON register. it constituted 16.7% of the total number of entities in Poland. In comparison with 2020, in the analysed zone the number of entities increased...