On 12 and 13 April 2019, the second edition of Hackathon “ShowMeData” took place in Statistics Poland. Participants had been coding for almost 24 hours!

This time, the goal of the statistical programming marathon was to select the best prototype of an interactive web or mobile application that would creatively illustrate the Hackathon leitmotiv: "See how statistics describe the world around you using numbers".

Participants took part in Hackathon in teams of 2 to 4 people. Of the 12 teams who joined the competition on the first day, only ten have endured to the end. In alphabetical order, these were the following teams: Black Adders, BlueDroids, Celeron, Instant Noodle Coders, Kaggle Poland, My po pizzę, Pentium, Pieski Piorunki, The Data Unicorns, ViRualni.

Hackathon participants were supposed to apply the image recognition technique in conjunction with the presentation of statistical data from the CSO and EUROSTAT databases. The presented would also concern Poland, and in the case of at least one variable – the European Union countries. It was also important to use elements of gamification competition and ensure that the application would bring the attention of young people aged 15 and more.

We invited a few mentors who were of assistance in preparing the application: Marek Panfiłow from the Statisticasl Office in Olsztyn, Monika Bielas from Statistics Poland, Krzysztof Kozak and Anna Schneider from Symetria, Marcisz Waszczuk from Microsoft, Anna Ciepiela-Napiórkowska from Uxeria, Cezary Borowski from Digital Knowledge Village, an AI consultant Piotr Migdał and Waldemar Razik from SAS Institute Poland.

The chairman of the Jury was Ewa Czumaj, a Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Statistics Poland for Open Data. The jury include also: Marek Panfiłow (programmer from the Statistical Office in Olsztyn), Agata Miazga (Director of the Department of Open Data and Competence Development in the Ministry of Digitisation), Krzysztof Kozak (UX Team Leader in Symetria), Marcin Sołodki (E-learning Manager and EdTech expert of the Digital Knowledge Foundation).

Hackathon's official Partners were: the Polish Ministry of Digitisation, Microsoft, Symetria and EdTech Hub Accelerator.

After the presentations of all teams and a stormy meeting, the jury awarded the main prize of 15,000 PLN gross to the team Pieski Piorunki for the ecological game I Love Earth. For the second place, the prize of PLN 9,000 gross was won by The Data Unicorns members for a pun-style game. The third place and the check for 6,000 PLN gross had to satisfy Celeron team members who, in their application, focused on didactics and teaching young people to draw conclusions from statistical charts.