Poland at the top of the Open Data Maturity Report 2022 ranking!

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European Commission published its eighth ‘Open Data Maturity (ODM) Report’. This is an assessment that began in 2015 to measure the level of maturity of countries in the European Union (EU) and their progress in promoting open data publication and reuse.

In 2022, the report covers 35 countries: the 27 EU Member States, the 3 European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland), 4 candidate countries (Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine), and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each country was surveyed in the following areas: open data policy, data quality, open data portal and the impact of open data on the economy and society.

In this year's report, Poland was ranked 3rd. Promotion from the 4th place, which we took a year ago, was possible thanks to a successful cooperation in the field of open data within public administration. The high position is not only a reason to be proud, but also a motivation to improve solutions to facilitate the re-use of data, including those from public statistics surveys.

Explore the raport on data.europa.eu: https://data.europa.eu/en/publications/datastories/assessing-open-data-developments-across-europe-discover-open-data-maturity