New in labour market research!

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The data are the result of a new survey, The distribution of wages and salaries in the national economy, based entirely on administrative sources, carried out without burdening the reporters. This is a full survey that takes into account remuneration paid in a given month for the whole employment, i.e. any work based on an employment or service relationship, regardless of the amount of work for which the contract was concluded. The survey applies to all entities of the national economy (including small ones – with up to 9 employed persons).

Data on the average gross monthly wage and salary and the median gross monthly wage and salary
in the national economy will be published:

  • more often, i.e. every month;
  • in new aggregations, i.e. according to: sex, age, place of residence of employees, size of the entity;
  • for all levels of administrative division(including division into gminas).

Administrative data are already present in other labour market statistics. They were used in the survey Employment in the national economy, thanks to which every month, starting from the data for December 2022, several tables are available with information on all employed persons, including those working in small entities (with up to 9 employed persons), by sex and age. Data on the average and median age of employed persons, which are available by place of residence at the gmina level, deserve particular attention