European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) is an educational programme implemented under the patronage of Eurostat. EMOS is an additional programme path for master's studies, mainly in economics, covering widely understood statistical issues.

By choosing to participate in the EMOS program, you will be able to:

  • learn the principles of designing statistical surveys, methodological issues and principles of managing multi-site research processes;
  • obtain professional preparation for the development of advanced statistical analyzes and the use of multi-source data sets;
  • find out how to properly interpret data describing a specific category of phenomena;
  • use this knowledge in the decision-making and management processes related to socio-economic issues;

in addition:

  • you will also be able to plan your activities accurately and analyze your decisions in retrospect;
  • you will learn how to organize work and manage during constant change of the IT environment;
  • you will be able to participate in internships, summer schools, workshops and seminars/webinars.

About EMOS

The European Master in Official Statistics is a programme (implemented for several years) focused on the education of expert staff for the needs of official statistics and institutions managing data resources. It is an answer to the idea of common statistical education in Europe, and within its framework universities and national and foreign statistical offices cooperate.

The EMOS can already be entitled by four Polish universities. These are: Wroclaw University of Economics, Gdansk University of Technology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and University of Lodz.