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Patentable invention

Description of the concept that applied to: 31.08.2020


A solution with a technical character, which is new, has an inventive step and is capable of industrial application.

An invention is regarded as new, if it is not a part of the state of the technology. By the state of the technology it is meant everything, that prior to the date denoting patent priority has been made available to the general public by written or oral description, by use, exposure or disclosure in another way. An invention has an inventive step, if it for en expert does not obviously result from the state of the art. An invention is regarded as capable of industrial application, if according to the invention can be obtained a product or used a method, in a technical sense, in any industrial activity, not excluding agriculture. Patents are not granted for: 1) inventions whose exploitation would be contrary to a public order or morality; 2) types of plants and breeds of animals and clearly biological ways of animals breeding and plants farming; 2) ways of curing human's and animal's diseases with surgical or therapeutic methods and ways of diagnostics applied on humans and animals. A patent remains in force for twenty years from the date of reporting the invention to the Patent Office. The fact of granting a patent is entered to the patent register. Grant of a patent is certified through issuing a patent document. A component of the patent document is a patent specification including description of the invention together with the patent claims and drawings. The patent specification is made public. The rights to a patent and the patent itself are transferable and inheritable. The person having right to a patent may by way of an agreement grant to another person the authorisation (license) to use of the invention (license agreement). The invention being subject of the patent right of an economic entity registered in Poland or of a citizen of Poland holding the right to permanent residence in Poland may be applied for a patent protection abroad only following filing such an application with the Polish Patent Office.