Terms used in official statistics

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Impersonal wages and salaries


Payments due to order agreement or assignment agreement.

Wages and salaries (excluding fees), paid:

1) on the basis of contract of mandate or specific task contract,

2) on the basis of distinct regulations, to people who carry out special activities, at the order of official bodies, for instance: to the experts in judicial, administrative or investigation proceedings, for the arbiter activities,

3) to physical persons for participation in commissions, supervisory boards, co-operatives management, contest jury, scientific and scientifico- technical councils, irrespective of form of its creation,

4) to legal advisers for replacement in judicial investigations, paid on the basis of civil law contract,

5) to the members of voivodship commission responsible for substitute service and to the members of the commission responsible for substitute service, for having taken part in this commission works,

6) to the non-permanent members of the local self-government appeal councils for participation in the council meetings and lump-sum payment for the non-permanent members of the regional chambers of audit council.

High-level terms

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