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Water collected from intakes


The amount of water collected from an intake at the specific time, e.g. in a year, both raw water, requiring treatment (purification) and clean water not requiring purification.

Water collected from intakes includes water taken from:

- deep drilled wells or shallow drilled and dug wells,

- from open reservoirs of raw water (rivers, lakes, artificial water reservoirs, etc.),

- from natural sources (e.g. hill slope),

- from drainage system facilities.

The amount of water collected from intakes is calculated based on readings of water gauges installed in: wells, collective wells, pump stations or water drainage facilities delivering water for 1st degree of treatment. In case there are no water gauges, the amount of water collected from intakes is determined based on records from flow metres or other measuring devices, or based on output of water pumping devices and the time of their work in the reporting period.

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