Terms used in official statistics

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General aviation


Civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire. The general aviation may be either commercial or non-commerial.

In the statistics - in accordance with the ICAO classification of civil aviation activities - commercial general aviation includes operations performed for photographic, advertising, agricultural, medical, research or construction purposes, and other operations related to the performance of a professional service, excluding public transport services. Hence air taxi and sightseeing flights are not considered to be a part of commercial general aviation (they are qualified as commercial air services as the purpose of these flights is public transport of passengers, for remuneration or hire).

Non-commercial general aviation includes training, private, business and parachuting flights, as well as technical stops, test flights (non-commercial flights for the purpose of testing the aircraft before it is put into service), positioning flights (non-commercial operations conducted to place an aircraft at a location from which it will start scheduled or non-scheduled flights or services) etc. This category also covers state flights (i.e. government, military, police, customs, etc.), but they are not included in the statistics.

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