Terms used in official statistics

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Person conducting research and improving or developing concepts, theories, models, techniques, instrumentation, software or operational methods.

Researchers' tasks include:

  • conducting research, experiments, tests and analyses
  • developing concepts, theories, models, techniques, instrumentation, software and operational methods
  • gathering, processing, evaluating, analysing, and interpreting research data
  • evaluating the results of investigations and experiments and positing conclusions using different techniques and models
  • applying principles, techniques and processes to develop or improve practical applications
  • advising on designing, planning and organising the testing, construction, installation and maintenance of structures, machines, systems and their components
  • providing advice and support to governments, organisations and businesses on the application of research results
  • planning, directing and coordinating the R&D activities of institutions that provide related services to other organisations
  • preparing scientific papers and reports.

High-level terms

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