Terms used in official statistics

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Building permit and registration with a construction project


A building permit is an administrative document issued by architectural and administrative body in accordance with the Polish Building Code of 7 July 1994 that allows construction of a building to be initiated and conducted or construction works other than building of constructions to be realized. On the basis of the act dated 20 II 2015 amending the Building Law (Journal of Laws of 27 III 2015, item 443) investors can obtain registration with a construction project instead of a building permit for indicated investments. Data presented in this publication concern final decisions.

  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 1503/2006 of 28 September 2006 implementing and amending Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 concerning short-term statistics as regards definitions of variables, list of variables and frequency of data compilation
    Place of publication: (Dz. Urz. UE L 281 z 12.10.2006, str. 15, z późn. zm.)

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